Sung by Ayna on Cosmocrystal II - Side Red.

Creates a sandstorm of quartz particles that clings to all enemies and turns their insides into glass.


  • Ma num ra vit
    skit weak vl wim
    Rrha ki ra linen
    Morto near

    At the verge of dreams
    The maiden’s heart is a reflection without substance
    Ah, let it be written
    The story that comes to life in death

  • The light that seeps
    Through the snowy days
    Reflecting a pure white

  • Was wol ra arsye idesy lusye cenjue
    eetor clyncye, xe chs pauwel
    Was yea ra re sol art weak li lonfa
    zarle vinan rum en savath vonn…

    Gathering the shards of those distant, brilliant days
    I shall weave a mirror upon which all power is projected
    O divine moonlight who watches over this soul of mine
    Turn into raging white flames
    and disperse the darkness…

  • Nn guwo gagis cenjue hymmnos DIPHANEITAS
    art sacra rana gyajlee
    Wee guwo gagis exec clalliss EROSION
    art loss infel, hopb clemezen
    Rrha guwo gagis echrra hymmnos PARASELENITE
    art dest denera, dople

    With the flowing blood of all those who oppose me
    I will transform the song of Diphaneitas.
    In crazed feelings and lost love
    I will execute Mood Erosion
    I will kill all that is evil
    and let the song of Paraselenite echo.

  • O bloody downpour, come down and drench the land
    Turn crimson the purest white

  • weak zarle, shelle fusya
    dest li manaf, cenjue clyncye
    en dople
    weak zarle, shelle fusya
    dest li manaf, cenjue clyncye
    en dople savath

    Fall from the moon
    Cling to the skin
    Bring a halt to all organs
    Turn all to glass
    And kill
    Fall from the moon
    Cling to the skin
    Bring a halt to all organs
    Turn all to glass
    Dance and kill

  • was au gaya vit
    harton quive
    quivale wis rudge
    omnis hegta

    When all that is beautiful came to an end
    I still stood there,
    and ever since,
    every winter was red

  • was nyasri ga
    chs sacra mahin
    mea den yorr
    agldeio so focs
    inna li
    colgen dor

    Now these hands are tainted with blood
    But you, you are still buried deep in the frozen earth
    and you’ll remain there

  • Lives lost in the stained snow,
    as futures that would one day break the dawn are erased.

  • part A:

    Was num erra xe keen art sol weak an sabl hopb wirtamarls
    Rrha num erra valwa ganna sphilar art vinan karf maya

    Blinding light is reflected as sand
    Calming the storms in my heart
    Invincible glass undergoes albedo
    Making my heart a temple

  • part B:

    Floating without rest
    The butterflies bat their wings to the crescent moon.
    With quartzite entrusted to their backs,
    They fly through the springtime storm
    of lunar cirrostratus

  • Weak keenis nuih zethpa
    arsye ieeya clyncye ganna
    Was ki ra xe weak keenis sol ween mea
    en savath kira sphilar mea

    Paraselene, pierce through the night
    Gather the prayers made of quartz
    Paraselene, shine within me
    Gather the stars in my heart

  • reen, kiafa
    sabl toya kira
    vit en viss
    aulla manac tou salavec nun ogbl
    innna tapa sabl

    Open your ears, open your ears
    To the sand marking the heavenly movements
    Open your eyes, open your eyes
    To the sacrifice that sinks through the quicksand

  • hars phiz wis keenis
    hars phiz wis clyncye ganna
    xe kiafa hynne mea
    diasee, re dest omn

    Their bodies are glass and quartz
    Their souls are light and radiance
    Listen to my voice, oh children
    And let yourselves be split apart

  • vinan sabl tanta
    kira hegta zethpa focs
    innna quivale dor, agldeio soare
    clyncye dorre

    Dance, oh white sand; oh, spill
    Mark now the myriad of light-years
    And take my prayers
    To the furthermost abyss of the colorless earth


  • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition: Tiago Rodrigues
  • Vocals: Troisnyx
  • Flute: chillarmylove