Sung by Valerie on Cosmocrystal II - Side Red.

Summons a myriad of swords that surround one ally, protecting them and cutting down foes that approach them.


  • part A:

    hyear, hyear yor, sapon yorr?
    yasra tim, toe dyldea, “marta” wart pagle yorr
    khal erphy

    Hey, hey you… do you remember?
    The lazy afternoons, the time we spent together… when you used to call me mom?
    Those are the memories I vow to protect.

  • part B:

    Neee, neee yos manac dius yor
    Rrha granme erra wis jam here an yor
    Van ssvid

    I am calling, calling your name, my dear, precious you
    I will always stand here by your side.
    Even if you come to outlive me.

  • I can’t hide
    From your light
    Frozen radiance woven into might
    Take flight and ignite, unbind
    The ardor in your eyes

  • Stars, yonder gone
    Shone anon
    Gilding our aegis with their ancient songs
    Though they drown whence they come,
    Still in you they live on

  • part A:

    Rrha granme erra cenjue hymmnos XIPHOMACHIA=APERANTI
    echrra an clalliss STORGE sos rana CODE::GRANSHELL=VIEGASPHERE

    Embracing the courage in my heart, I will change the hymmnos Xiphomachia Aperanti
    And making the colours of MOOD_STORGE resound, I will run CODE::GRANSHELL=VIEGASPHERE

  • part B:

    Wee yea ra waath ture fhauri
    yehar lusye, re sol yor

    I will re-tie the marbles of our broken bonds
    And release their shielding radiance over you.

  • part A:

    Though my heart may anneal and withhold
    Naught but duty cold
    Never once have I forgotten
    The stories we have woven

  • part B:

    En 1000 wart rinc tes sarla
    Rre sor gyen eterne yeal, nun faja mean
    Ween dyldea faiy, rol yurfe
    Rrha granme ra khal sor xl zaarn
    An manafeeze, toe kierre jam yor!

    A thousand words connect to meanings
    And forge the infinite bridge whereon we tread
    Though at times hazy and immaterial
    No ill wind shall come to overthrow it
    For as long as I stand upon it, with you

  • Reglle clalliss, raze the skies
    Carves an aegis on my eyes
    Searing pathos, re pat maya
    Interwreathing, eetor engua

  • Thaw the night, (Nn au ra)
    take flight (memora)
    Bending radiant feelings into sacred might (omnis wart, omnis fernia)
    To shield and to strike, we sing (na coall)
    Unveiling boundless light (ides mea)

  • Stars break athwart (Nn quel ra)
    Heavens wrought (zenva)
    With the spiral novae of our beating hearts (alroetsue, dius yor)
    Its echoes urging on creation with song (jepgle, ganna)

  • Marta yor

    Because I am your mother

  • Nn au ra 0x vvi

  • part A:

    re grruwa memora omnis wart

    How bittersweet it is to remember
    Every loving word we exchanged as you grew, every smile you used to give me

  • part B:

    na coall ides mea omnis fernia

    That is a past I will never be able to return to

  • GRANDUS => aterra missea marta sos khal yor, inferiare yor

    I will be the mother I was meant to be and protect you, my beloved child

  • part A:

    rre yorr fwal zenva, jepgle ganna

    And now you have grown and spread your wings

  • part B:

    alroetsue dius yor, sor marta yor

    Oh, would you be able to forgive me, Syndeo?
    This foolish, stubborn mother of yours…

  • Was granme erra fusya yor lonfa sos irs pitod yor etealune

    Gathering courage in my heart, I will embrace your soul, so that we may always remain together

  • :/rre yorr wis kira mea/:
    xe na retera…
    :/we exali keen, rre kira/:
    na retera, mea!

    “You are my star”
    Please, don’t forget…
    “The brightest star of them all”
    I shan’t ever forget!

  • 1x AAs ixi

  • ferda lusye, feelings soar
    to the brilliant days of yore
    Where we once stood, rre marta en wim
    All these memories grandi mea irs

  • Was granme ra exec GRANDUS won yor iem

    I will sing in order to protect you

  • Wee ki ra sonwe
    (irdeshen memora xe xest viega)

    I will sing
    (the memories of the past shall become my sword)

  • ridalnae ture
    (alefio, fandel skit, xe xest cecet)

    of our irreplaceable bond
    (the oaths and promises will be my shield)

  • marta an diassee
    (rrha zweie ra arsye yor sphilar mea)

    between mother and child
    (I will share my heart with you once again)

  • sapon der hartes
    (porter pauwel elle infel, swant dius yor)

    and recall, gently, with love
    (and by bearing the strength you’ve given me, I will protect you, my precious one)

  • dyldea mean

    our bygone days

  • part A:

    Rrha ki ra haf viega!

    I will bear the almighty sword!

  • part B:

    Rrha ki ra chsee diviega

    I will become a great sword.

  • part A:

    OUSYE => aterra li missea
    marta sos dople reveris yor
    Was granme erra deata gyas sos
    irs pitod yor etealune
    Rrha granme ra sonwe en OUSYE won
    omnis nun stellod an yor iem
    Rrha ki ra chsee et diviega
    en haf anw joueee zethpa gyajlee

    I will be the mother I was meant to be and destroy all of your nightmares
    Gathering courage in my heart, I shall bestow judgement upon those that harm you, so that we may always remain together
    I shall sing and attack everything that stands in your way
    And as I become your mighty sword, I shall cleave all of our foes with divine power!

  • part B:

    Words will turn to blades and weave
    the path upon all demons forleave
    Clad in ire, wailing, they weep
    For mercy they shan’t receive!

  • yehar yeal sos yor through floods and storms
    as our hearts, in song, take form
    and may eternal it be anw ture oz mean
    tried and true by time rre merra wis pitod

  • Was apea ra wael marta yor
    I was so glad to have been your mother


  • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition, Vocals: KT
  • Mix, Guitar: Tiago Rodrigues