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  • Was ki ra chs tourienne mea

    I shall turn myself into a Towerian

  • harton an zadius, reglle oz yura
        delij li denera
            van ftt na fogabe

    Love and hatred, the spiral of balance
    I despise him, the evil one
    I shall never forgive even should I disappear

  • Was nyasri gagis whai yorr desfel hes so

    For what reason do you hate him so?

  • getrra murfanare, zetsfy heighte giue, clemezen

    Defiled thoughts, the cruelty that hurt my body, madness

  • Was granme ra presia linen mea melifan yor

    Please, tell me your story

  • nepo der prooth, noes memora
        fatele    infel yor
            lurrea    heath
    Nn num gaya pagle omnis iem
        fatele    desfel yor
            reen    rinc mea an yor

    My memories dyed in blood
    Father, I love you
    Burning fear
    I am going to tell you everything
    Father, I hate you
    Listen, synchronize yourself with me

  • Rrha ki ra geeow yuez parith mean
                haliyer parith mean

    I promise that our words shall be sincere
    I respect our sincerity

  • lead_in=01x//:enter LA_OMNIPOTENZA
    while//:_with encrypt 110110 >> 010011

  • Ma ki gaya near oter zaarn oz num
    eetor irs omnis nene, irs noes foul
    Fou paks ra pitod zi ridalnae manaf
    wim nun causere, wim oz ture

    I was born from the sea of nothingness
    I understood nothing, not even myself
    Beside me, there were two precious lives
    A cursed girl and a girl of bonds

  • den au xN harra zz a.u.k. ferxs/.
            ahjeas x. rre YUpolona/.

    Unfortunately they were not my friends
    I can see that you were lonely

  • vl waath, jOdOreh dn Ofatele ttu selena du hymmnos_ujes/.

    Since rebirth, I was captured by father who made me sing evil songs

  • Rrha guwo ga 0x vvi.
    hymme eterne re gyuss der shazra
        Rrha zash ga 0x vvi.
    hymme rol hyzik mea bansh
        gettra we bister
    hymme rol wart mea cenjue sacra
        beja we doodu
    parce rre revatail irs sos orn soare
        1x AAs ixi.
    1x AAs ixi.

    I had to sing eternally being embraced by thorns
    I had to sing till my body brast open
    I was lower than an animal
    I had to sing till my words turned blood
    I was lower than dirt
    I was a Revatail whose only purpose of existence was to sing

  • arhou rre mea vit sarr agan
        Was touwaka erra chs yos lusye
    arhou rre mea paul fs agan
        Was touwaka erra chs yos fhyu

    I wished to see the sun again
    If only I could have become your sun
    I wished to feel the wind again
    If only I could have become your wind

  • Was ki ra sapon ar waats dyya
    nnoini ferxs mea urr ween beja shell
    Fou lau gagis harr fernia loss manac
    fari fane has nafan oure, van la irea

    I still remember the important day
    when my only friend appeared inside my cage
    She was a smile without name
    yet her kindness was more tender than anything

  • den au xU harr zz enter vale mea

    Unfortunately she could not stay by my side

  • lirle dyya aterra titil ptrapica art dauane lasye
            ahjeas x. yorr tAhkUtI du spitze/.

    One Summer day, I was given a small pendant from the boy of dawn
    I can see that you longed for freedom

  • tea yehar mea elle cupla gatyunla, ag quive
            crudea        gauzewiga
    sev zayea kierre ar sial sosar re pat nha

            zodal lasye talfato tou morto sasye

    Hence, I liberated myself from the sinful hell, losing my voice
    My suffering, my despair
    In the end, a miracle happened

    The dying boy encountered the dying girl

  • elna Ma num gaya irs here iem, rre mea

    And so here I am

  • Azzz Xc=iemma/…

    But now…

  • targue xI rre gral LYOqejyu mLYEvIyn/.
                xI yorr kYUfkkYIeh dn walasye/.

    Even though mankind underestimated me
    Indeed, mankind scorned you

  • azl sAlA x. rre pauwel ferda ess mea/.
        azl xA yorr zz rete wi pawr/.

    As long as I still trust the power that dwells in me
    As long as you never forget that power

  • vAtA vAskA vYAa aje Asarla_ryua/.

    I shall live on, I shall feel and I shall weave my new songs of determination

  • -> aukA acra dius lequera/.
        <-x aukYA Sanctum Em Nozess/.

    Then I must also be a precious existence
    Because you are the Ruined Paradise

  • llizz yorr ates spitze sos yehar elle idesy gat json
                mUr du ides/.

    Maybe one day you shall be given the freedom to set yourself free from the curse of times past
    I shall forget
    I shall burn away my past

  • yetere presia teyys, beng bexm rre pono pecee
            dIxeh za/.
                nAdAn phiz/.

    Therefore, please stay, until the day the egg should hatch
    that I was eaten
    I shall rest my body

  • innna spiritum syec mea
                hAkttE kl iasien/.

    Inside me
    I shall embrace the morning dew

  • zess merra LtErAmT exali=briyante nun 1/AnTeEgS&
    en PwYrUmF nooge=roon oz yeeel sheaken=dgal&
    inferia $0%var#001_@1/n^6/.

    With hope, we shall make bloom bright voices of happiness which we deserve
    and with love, we shall continue to shine upon sleeping chamber of the West Country