Released on Cosmocrystal II - Side Blue.


  • Neolica: yiilb ssarf aarwas teisa
    Craynel: yiiib ssarf aarhon lassa
    N: reeel cyaar haanti wasca bars

    I want to share the melody of our heart with this beloved worl
    I want to share the melodies we have made with this beloved world
    So they can turn into vibrant colours, and shake all hearts
    We sing to the World
    We share with the world

  • part A:

    vinan ieeya xest soare
    noglle xorg xest enesse
    burle wirtamarls xest ammue
    rudje granme xest zixxa
    grrena parith xest hynne
    kiala weal xest maya
    irea touwaka xest hymmnos

    Our prayers, a pure white, are for peace
    Our emotions, dyed firm black, sustain our pride
    The waves we weave, deep blue, embrace us with solemnity
    Our will, bright red, bestows courage upon us
    Our voice, viridian, abounds with sincerity
    Our magic, gilded, radiates joy
    And our songs, silvery, realize our wishes

  • part B:

    yeeel, innna ammue tilanta
    hymmne nnoini ar ciel ee
    chs alroen en cexm hymmnos futare

    In the past, the innermost waves were liberated
    And the world singing, like a newborn star in the universe
    That etched upon the cosmos the proof of existence of the harbinger of songs

  • I shall give you endless earth

  • Neolica (Part A):

    ah, rrha ki ra savath shen sphilar, re houd clalliss en messe omnis
    Was yea ra nha fandel clalliss hynne ar ciel

    Ah, scattering the lights of the souls, I’m embraced by the colours, transmitting them all
    As I call upon the countless coloured voices of the world

  • Rrha touwaka erra sonwe
    Was yea ra chs clalliss ar ciel

    I want to sing
    And become the colours of this world

  • Craynel (Part B):

    Rrha ki ra tie en nha anw sphilar en lhasya dor, ture
    omnis tilanta ween mea
    Rrha zweie ra toe pakz li manaf, pakz li wart an mea

    I will restrain and then release the souls,
    and connect them with the bonds of people and the spirit of the land
    Allowing all of them to flow within me
    And I will sustain all the different lives, and all the different words of this world

  • Rrha touwaka erra sonwe an ciel

    I will sing with the world, together as one

  • Both (Part C):

    ssaarb yyra ttalm laaceeb
    ssaarb yyra ttarn faarbe
    kaayah hyuum terr
    ec kffar khii rredeet
    myjaa myjaa
    raalb sssar yytras
    ec taalm sssar baalex

    Oh radiant power of life, come to and grant me strength
    To watch over this beloved world, and the lovely lives within it
    Allow me to sing of life, with fervor
    And bestow upon me the knowledge to listen to all that life has to sing
    Now, right now
    Please, allow me to embrace the light
    And protect all of creation

  • Neolica (Part A):

    Wee yea wa harmon tes nuih kira en walaka omga yeal ciellenne
    Rrha yea ra crushue wearya, rinnoze dor

    I will bind myself as one to the singing voices of the nightly stars,
    And walk upon the footsteps of God
    Seeking to bring this land together, under a plethora of emotions

  • Was yea ra xest clalliss en
    Was ki ra chs hymmnos mea

    I will turn colours into song
    I will become a song

  • Craynel (Part B):

    ah, rrha ki ra chs ocurp omnis mea, tilanta tes futare
    Rrha yea ra chs eterne yeal lonfa mea

    Ah, I will turn myself into the flux of everything, and flowing into the future
    I will make my soul the eternal waterway

  • Was yea ra xest calliss hymmnos
    Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea

    I will turn colours into song
    I will become a song

  • Both (Part C):

    tttarb maayah feerbe hyuleei
    ttarb maayah faarse reenx
    kaayah hyuum terr
    ec pyaarg gggou ralaaz
    myjaa myjaa
    haaayy ttiilm eeerr baaars

    Oh splendid magic dwelling within me, sing
    And answer my plea; allow me to become a sanctuary
    Allow me to sing of life, with fervor
    And to sweep away all that threaten life itself
    Now, right now,
    Please, allow me to embrace this love
    And give life to all of creation


  • Lyrics: Geiky, KT
  • Composition: Lystrialle
  • Vocals: Alroetsue, Geiky
  • Mix: Clea