Sung by Quivora on Cosmocrystal II - Side Red.

A hymn that operates the Nyttermaus System. Converses with and performs maintenance on the Will of Mt. Vars, a volcano that is one of the power sources of Pantha Rhei.


  • Nn quel gaya exec hymmnos NYTTERMAUSxVAR::5661 > COMMUNUS

    Execute hymmnos Nyttermaus through variable 5661: Vars Enthelechea into the Communus Conduit

  • part A:

    Rrha i gaya urr hao hyear
    toe hymme foul, guaysu mea
    Rrha quel ga urr hao here
    chanti dor ee, der sarryfy mea

    I am manifest upon thy greatness
    And though unworthy, I stand here in song
    shrouded in thy mysteries
    I am manifest here upon thy greatness,
    blood and soul devoted in offering
    to thee, O sacred Gaia

  • part B:

    Rrha wol gaya tek tes focs focs an grave
    en porter li cupla, li hymmne, li gyaje, faf

    I shall walk in pilgrimage to thine innermost altars
    Burdening on my dreadful shoulders
    the blame, the wailing, the wickedness of man

  • part C:

    Rrha i gaya cexm, hueaf
    Nn touwaka gagis pat sa

    I shall come to you, humiliated
    Seeking naught but deliverance
    from our wretched karma

  • part A:

    Listen to the voices of the mountain
    And at the summit where the heavens are announced,
    enkindle the sacrificial lights of God!

  • part B:

    Rrha quel gaya unloee pauwee
    presia hyma sanctum, fatere ruinie noes, ar ciel
    Nn apea gaya chs lasnatine mea an dor

    As I prostrate myself before thee, O mighty God of Vars
    I beseech you; please listen to this orison of confession.
    And lest we hope to see all of us and our world rent to ashes
    I pledge to be like thy scripture
    Engraving all of my soul upon the lands of this planet.

  • Nn granme gaya senjue rannef, yura nepsogre
    Wee zweie gagis hymme fane, dorre, celle, vale
    Rrha ki gaya ennalte syeary slep etealune
    Nn zweie gaya ks quive gidiu grave iem

    My prayers are to be like the hallowed balance, the recompense of the strides of man
    For I am the voice of the heart, the whisper of the land, the song of heavens, and the final requiem
    And wishing for the prospect of peace through eternal sleep,
    I shall indicate and silence thy turmoil this instant, O mighty running earth!

  • O beloved child of Dijya, who standeth now impregnated by the vilest filth
    Return thy noble furor to the depths of this land!

  • part A:

    Sinking into the restless abyss
    Let our most earnest wishes be like a spiral of fire and water
    Let them weave the most ancient of eulogies
    Forged in flames within the Sanctum Sanctorum

  • part B:

    Ma ki gaya dralee celetille lonfa
    Nn ki gagis toya gool oz dor
    Rrha yant gaya engua exec missea
    Nn i gaya enegd jenhah, calamila
    Rrha quel gaya juelicc Ocurp Omnis

    I shall offer this immaculate soul
    So as to satisfy the thirst of this land
    Such is my fate, the mission I must bear
    To quell all disaster and silence all misfortune
    And to be the lighthouse that guideth the Flow of Everything

  • part A:

    Let the calm of the nights of yore
    be upon this crazed land of ours
    And to that end, I shall gild myself with the deepest crimson
    in which no blossom thriveth
    and present myself as a sacrifice…

  • part B:

    Rrha num gaya exec hymmnos NYTTERMAUS
    an drone xest VARS=ENTHELECHEIA
    Nn num gagis ekouolga engassya
    Rrha ki gaya vurumely tou zas we glasden li grave
    Rrha ki gagis chs hymmnos mea

    I put into motion the song of Nyttermaus
    through the variable instance of Vars Enthelecheia
    And as I let its echoes capture all the sounds of the heavens
    I shall be the oracle of the almighty Mountain.
    In utmost concentration, I shall turn myself into a song.

  • Rrha yant gaya gauzewiga endia

    Tremble before the ultimatum of despair…

  • Rrha yant gaya lurrea yubene firanzia en
    retera li lasnatine, syunaht omnis diasee lusye
    Rrha quel gaya unloee, enegd, re gettra we
    Rrha au gaya naa messe tes li grave soare
    Rrha i gaya sarrifis, den morto omga omnis
    Rrha wol gaya netvear, ogbl zodaw mea

    I tremble before the apocalypse I have wrought;
    the eternal darkness wherein the Holy Words are no more.
    I am in fetters, paralyzed and defiled upon thee,
    O God of the Land, whom my prayers shall ne’er reach.
    And though I offer myself a thousand, ten thousand times,
    All that is sacred hath died, coiled in spirals of carnage.
    And what remains is naught but mine own despair,
    Surrendered to the whims of destruction…

  • Pierced by the pincushion
    My heart is cocooned within the dusk
    As a song of sacrifice, corrupted by sin
    Rotting over and ceasing to be
    In its weakness

  • Rrha num wa sarrifis hymmnos mea
    Rrha num wa sarrifis hymmnos mea
    Ilos mea sanya dheazelea
    Ilos mea sanya dheazelea

    I will offer my song
    I will offer my song…
    The song of my Quietus,
    The twilight I’m bound to


  • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition: yuzuki
  • Vocals: Alroetsue