Sung by Asher on Cosmocrystal II - Side Blue.

Increases the singer’s speed dramatically, allows him to draw the power of a myriad of firearms and summons a flurry of sparrows made of darkness and fire to rain down upon the field.


  • cYA-az6 / nome zalm vie, zomaddet alas zakhit
    eKa-o4 / fait oonsa maht des lied ruenar ibise
    aUs-vi3 / duglt madi, quasere istda parcui

    With utmost focus, I will call upon the wings of darkness, and become the instigator of pain
    Life is a play of falsehood, a waltz of hazard; and its song, I am the obliterator of the utopia
    What was of me yesterday is murdered without hesitation, along all the sins I had once carried
    And plunging in sublime nothingness, I rise as the judge that upon you imparts –

  • xN rre LYIdiscest rOlAtyI/.
    xN rre Ebalduo wAnIsA/.
    xN rre ksyura wErm du YOsphaela/.
    xE sorr auEk Afwal_talam/.

    The mascarade begins;
    The Night of Nights has come;
    The light of destruction shines upon your domain:
    Those are the tints that dye my wings,
    with the colours of the shattering dawn.

  • wArIl YIeje tIrmA dea pawr/.
    dEnLYE dea Afaura dAssIn/.
    auAk arrya, Nale_gyenel/.
    jAzIt x. g.w.f.r./.

    Your wandering hearts are the targets I pursue with all my strength;
    Led by the birds of prey in their erratic onslaught,
    I am the Arrow, the Zero Sound and the crafter of Num,
    And seizing such strength, I shall execute your judgement!

  • An honourable poem is wrought by the voices of the night
    Intoned to the sounds of the chimes, it distorts
    It bends falsehood and weaves ought from it
    In a curtain of whispering and secrecy

  • Rrha num erra sonwe fandel faura ee

    Myriad birds take flight in twisted praise… and sing!

  • iem


  • Wee vyui gagis selena boh dazua lusye…
    mYNyAbO du LYNyurfe/
    Rrha ki ra viss willie yor an echrra sarla DIVINA=COMMEDIA

    Clad in the mantle of the night, I sing of the spectacular darkness
    and the light within it…
    Guiding my senses past all illusion,
    I will read your weaknesses,
    and make echo the song of Divina Commedia upon this world.

  • part A:

    The first cry of darkness, befuddled in these torturous spirals
    Yet sings forth, majestically
    Concrete form is given upon abstract shadow
    and dazzling obscurity

  • part B:

    Rrha num ra, Rrha wol ra alroettye
    wOwAjYUnIcYE zess ragym Nolo_fs LYNsiann/.

    O Redemption,
    resound, O wailing of the children
    from the night of Nam.
    Resound, O empty light of the world of man.

  • part A:

    Rrha granme wa cenjue giue mea arrya

    My body shall become an arrow, and strike

  • part B:

    xA rre raudl cIzA arrya/.

    My figure will become an arrow

  • part C:



  • part A:

    Wee gott gagis engassya kvvia reglle yor
    lInYOcaYU LYNlyuma/.
    Rrha ki ra exec clalliss DISTRUZIONE en ruinie

    Clad in the mantle of segregation, I will capture you in mortifying spirals
    And performing the fusions of the Zero Star
    I will execute Mood Distruzione, and bring forth ruin!

  • part B:

    Wee quel gagis tarfe lhasya manafaln spiritum yora, so denera
    Was viuy erra hymme clalliss ruinien en deata gyaje

    I will bring an end to your transmigration, O vile ones
    And turning the darkest night into my wings, I will sing the colours of destruction
    And bring punishment upon your defiled destiny

    wYNwLYUjYInLYEc Afaura,
    xIvOgYE xIyOnYE Ugyas,
    yUgYUrYNrYN YIxthos_ganna,
    xLYU Uyorr zYNzYNxYO, hyear
    dYNvYI lonfa dYUxYE manaf,
    qYOgYUsI du hymmnos iemma/.

    Defining DISTRUZIONE as the function: halt all systems
    let echo the voices of destruction, O wings of authority
    Injure without mercy and destroy all the stragglers and evildoers
    Shun and blaspheme their graves even, buried in the bottommost layer of doom
    You will despair and lose all faith
    As I will crush your feeble souls and smash your pitiful lives
    Such will come the finale of this song, now…


  • Character: Alroetsue
  • Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition: Tiago Rodrigues
  • Vocals: ケンタ