Sung by Quinton on Cosmocrystal II - Side Red.

Transforms the Cosmocrystal field into a labyrinth full of traps and storms of golden sand that buries enemies alive.


  • part A:

    Rrha num wa iqwayes whalt near
    parle irdeshen gyaje nor haliyer?
    Rrha num wa ekouolga whalt saash hynne
    engua futare, gyas nor etealune?

    What is it that you leave behind as you live:
    are they dull, remaining memories, exquisite deeds of honour or myriads of foolish mistakes?
    How is it that you interpret the voice of the Gods:
    are they an inescapable mandala, a Sheol of unending torment or a place of eternal life?

  • Rrha num wa jass whalt eetor kiala
    geeow an dorre, celle nor gatyunla?
    Rrha num wa whalt soare
    ahjeas manaf, layy nor alroe….

    What is it that you hope to find past the golden gates:
    the promised land, the heavens themselves or a glimpse of hell?
    What is the essence of the prayers you offer so:
    a proof of existence, a spirit of falsehood or a request for redemption…

  • part B:

    fou dia ga vit sheak tek en ftt
    na enter sorr it, re ssvid skit
    rrha num gagis irs basilic
    van lau sashel gyajlee

    Left to you is the right to see your true north glimmer and dissipate,
    misled, you shan’t pass: such is the vow I now outlive.
    Temptation is like a viper that slithers through the Nirvana bestowed upon me,
    though frightening, it is but another trial of the Goddess

  • fou dia ga vit
    weak keen boh
    na enter sorr it, ar geeow
    rrha num gagis irs cyurio
    sashel alroetsue

    Left to you is the right to be bewitched by your false idols,
    misled, you shan’t pass: such is the only vow I bear.
    Order shall be maintained, and with it I shall attain the highest Nirvana,
    for that is the mercy of the Goddess

  • part C:

    Was granme erra grandus keen oz yor, Sashanomiya
    presia kiafa mea

    I shall protect your blessing, O Goddess!
    please, listen to my plea!

  • part A:

    To the deceiving demons befuddled by the arabesque of Suvarṇaprabhāsa,
    whose sole purpose in this realm is to fulfill their worldly desires,
    I send the one thousand enigmas that gloriously extinguish heaven and earth,
    so they may be purged throughout all creation by the waves of silver and golden sand

  • part B:

    Rrha touwaka gagis araus soare
    sos xest hymmnos SOLSTINE=BRILLE

    I will change the song of Solstine Brille,
    executing MOOD Unredemption,
    and let CHRYSOSKONI=LABYRINTHIA resound,
    So that my prayers may be heard by the Goddess.

  • part A:

    This is the unwritten story of the concealed metropolis
    that devours people and all light it finds.
    Unjust is this maze, unmapped and unguided,
    spun from the threads of discord that hang in friction, through floating, auric dust

  • Even the incomplete pilgrimages, to so extoll the honorary works of the Gods,
    shan’t be able to fulfill their beautiful essence and shall be filled with bewitchment.
    Under the ceasing light of the flames of prophecy,
    the calling voices shall break the dawn with carnage

  • part B:

    Rrha num gagis manafeeze whalt yeal
    jenge omnis, lequera nor noes shell?

    How is it that you live your life:
    Is it down the path of contestation,
    Of humility and altruism,
    Or of perpetual seclusion?

  • Rrha num gagis viss whalt ween colga ciel
    meo colmask, ganna nor nnoini?

    What is it that you see in the mirror of fate:
    Is it an idealized image,
    a stagnated being,
    or the reflection of your birth?

  • part A:

    One day, this weary body too
    Shall come to forget its own form;
    And then, when it returns to the endless sands,
    Its soul shall become light.

  • part B:

    lautyca sabl, lautyca tim
    lautyca gyas, omga
    lautyca kiala, den
    rrha ki erra hymme

    Fall may the sands,
    aslant may the eras be carved.
    Crumble may all regalia even,
    but unfaltering, I shall keep on singing.

  • lautyca sabl
    lautyca caan
    lautyca nuih den
    fou ki ra na lautyca mea

    Fall do the sands, dragging down the omens.
    Fall will the sands, dragging down the night.
    But I will not ever falter.

  • When is it that this revered truth
    shall come to melt down all the deviations?
    Unnamed demons will impregnate all visions,
    propagating darkness and destroying purity.

  • part A:

    Rrha num gagis frreie whalt elle noes
    crown an nel, answa nor omn manafaln

    What is the freedom your ego craves:
    Is it a complete nirvana,
    a reversal of values,
    or self-metempsychosis?

  • Rrha num gagis knawa whalt an saash
    deata cremia, deggeez nor infel?

    What is it that you have learned from the Gods:
    is it the way for salvation to all convicts,
    the path of betrayal and bigotry,
    or principles of gratitude?

  • Rrha num gagis answa xl cest
    loss an kvvia, orviclle nor polon

    What change is it that you would impart upon your fate
    is it a chance to restore broken regrets,
    the elimination of all hardships,
    or a life devoid of solitude?

  • Rrha num gagis grandus whalt cyurio?
    stellod zwihander, eazas nor noes?

    What are the values you have come to withhold in life
    the survival of the fittest,
    equality for all,
    or self-glorification?

  • part B:

    Hear ye, O words bereft of reply to my riddles!
    Become as traps in this maze
    and rage on!

  • part C:

    Rrha num gaya xest zauve basilic sos gyengyat gyas
    Rrha num gaya xest zixxa irea arrya sos dest gyas
    Rrha num gaya xest lonfa clyncye viega sos parge gyas

    I will turn my sagacity into a serpent to devour all trespassers.
    I will turn my will into a silver arrow to pierce all trespassers.
    I will turn my soul into an immaculate blade to purge all trespassers.

  • part A:

    Though they now gaze to the farthest of heavens,
    these eyes have fallen asleep, unable to avoid the fate of Nirvana.
    They shall thus remain forevermore unaware
    of all human love and sorrow…

  • part B:

    Wee lau wa tie karf soare
    lautyca sabl, lautyca manaf
    lautyca lusye den
    Nn ki ga na lautyca mea…?

    Restraining myself, I will become a prayer.
    Fall do the sands, erasing all of existence.
    Fall will the sands, dragging down all light,
    but will I come to falter…?

  • part C:

    All laments and all agony
    will be washed away, intoxicated by an eternal calm.
    The voice of the Yaksha that brings down the night,
    will ride upon saggita, and devour the darkness.

  • part A:

    As I embrace all of Vajracchedikā,
    the time to release myself from all things has come.
    Though I cannot reach the light that shines neither silently nor without a single utterance of sound,
    I will make of myself its very intonation of magic.

  • 六字大明呪繰り返したら

    If I were to repeat the om mani padme hum,
    pruning with me the pluralistic skies of the world of man,
    would it be the blossoms of death or those of salvation
    to decorate the summit of the six heavens upon which I gaze?

  • part B:

    lautyca sabl en lautyca gyas
    den lautyca tim en nn ki ga hymmne
    lautyca sabl en lautyca omga
    den na lautyca mea?
    NN KI GA

    Fall do they sands, dragging down the demons,
    and even though the eras may be carved aslant the universe…
    fall will the sands, dragging down the Gods
    but will I falter?

  • Nn ki ga araus soare
    sos quive hymmnos SOLSTINE=BRILLE

    I will silence the song of Solstine Brille
    finalizing MOOD Unredemption
    So that my prayers may be heard by the Goddess

  • part C:

    The golden maze that walks towards the dawning twilight –
    O, let its light reach the heavens!
    Let its pouring light
    reach the heavens!

  • part D:

    Even eternity is fated to crumble,
    die and darken and forever be clouded.
    When the songs of the anguishing princess are ridden with madness,
    the iron chains that bind the sky will then be obliterated


  • Character: Accha
  • Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition: Lystrialle
  • Arrangement: Lystrialle, Troisnyx
  • Vocals: Nate
  • Violin: Jessie Yun