Sung by Rappa on Cosmocrystal II - Side Red.

Surrounds and protects an ally in a capsule of wind, inducing them to a short sleep that completely heals their wounds and ailments.


  • Nille rre revm ween revm nun chsee idesy,
    xe fountaina maun der re enegd lonfa fluy.
    Nn ki ra presia slepiar, flare an dilete
    en ini memora nnoi art nnoi, aterra fowrlle

    Like in a nostalgic dream, unfolding within a reverie
    Let your eyelids be lulled by the slumbering ley-lines of your soul
    Now, sleep, entrust yourself to the winds of providence,
    and one by one, allow your memories to dissolve
    and accept this hymn of healing

  • vit hyear, yeeel zenva burle yeal
    yeeel, et fusya, etealuear zaarn oz kira
    vie wart, vie hyzik, vie sarla, vie sphilar

    Behold! The boundless reaches of the azure skyline!
    Behold! The all-embracing, eternal ocean of stars!
    Your words, your limbs, your thoughts, your songs
    May they all find rest in this endless expanse!

  • fwal!


  • Was yea ra rana an exec clalliss ZEPHYROUS
    Was yea ra echrra hymmnos BIOAERAS=AMENOSTASIS sos yor

    I shall run and execute mood ZEPHYROUS
    and let echo the song of Bioaeras Amenostasis for your sake

  • Oft are we hurt, for the light we bear in heart
    is brilliant and sincere, like shards of holy quartz
    However, so are our dreams pure and immaculate
    And thus, rightly shall they be that which delivers our mercurial lives
    And bestows upon us the solace we seek

  • part A:

    — Solace, such as the zephyr that blows, caring the will of Yakushi
    — Solace, such as the rest of Nirvana, upon us bestowed by Anil
    Solace: such is what I chant upon my verses
    As they congregate in infinite light!

  • part B:

    Was yea ra frreie revm tes hept fhyu
    en fwal, fwal, rifaien!

    I will liberate your dreams,
    and cast them into the seven winds
    so that they may take wings, and soar
    soar, and come to life!

  • Though this prayer may wither,
    the blessings you embrace are like an eternal flower.
    Blooming in profusion throughout all of creation,
    you are ZEPHYROUS!


  • Character, Lyrics, Vocals: Geiky
  • Composition: Troisnyx
  • Mix: Clea
  • Guitar: Tiago Rodrigues