Sung by Willheim on Cosmocrystal II - Side Blue.

A double function song. Summons rain upon the Cosmocrystal field that erodes enemies’ senses and morale and motivates allies, granting them power and stamina.


  • part A:

    Was quel ga agldeio li yura
    Papana answa chiess dorre, karf anw sa longhel
    Rrha num gaya raklya

    Buried by my own earnestness, I fail to grasp my true limits
    Falling, I am pierced by the reversed petrichor,
    petrifying my karma,
    within my tears.

  • part B:

    was num ga exec clalliss CORROSION
    en galado hymmnos PETRICHORIS=BALLADIA

    I will execute MOOD corrosion,
    and make the song of Petrichoris=Balladia echo.

  • orn deadl nun skit irs vezedo, how tasim
    den tea kieta, gallido… nel fyatomes stelo kl ene

    Once, surely, the world was filled with promises and seemingly infinite bonds
    Yet caught in a sudden omen of change, they were broken and destroyed…
    As empty ambition captured the hearts of man

  • Rrha quel gaya :/rre gyaeje quale ferxs/:
    ede dor pbidia mea, longherna

    Born in a world where “enemies are friends”,
    My heart was overcome with desperation…
    and then turned to stone.

  • part A:

    All is plundered and snatched away
    Tainted and made to disappear
    Mankind distorts itself in fear,
    from and by its own ugliness
    Love, passion and longing
    Will soon be scattered and die
    Yet why is it that
    I still want to believe in them?

  • part B:

    Xava an xava, discest an sarla
    Was quel gaya corle longherna

    A myriad of scars made by songs of betrayal
    I will silence them by turning their hearts to stone

  • Rrha quel gaya raklya
    Rrha num gaya agldeio

    Though I cry and weep
    I am buried, petrified…

  • causere yeux mea, hereare pauwoo
    gyen xl gidiu zahia ciel
    donaty wiene

    Mine are the cursed eyes
    Made from the ways of betrayal, tempered by the world
    A power loathed by all…
    That silences all the voices who oppose me

  • ennala yeeel ar enllia talfato
    sos vaffa kl kohiniku… den pilt noese biron naja

    Once, I had wished for a life of never-ending meetings
    Of new bonds that would erase my demons,
    … yet then I noticed I was but fleeing from the truth

  • Rrha lau gaya aiph :/rre gyaje quale cyurio/:
    denera nor lequera siss… gyas ar ciel

    If “mistakes are logically human”,
    and no boundaries between good and evil remain,
    … what is this world but a beacon of vileness?

  • part A:

    Hearts’ corrosion

  • part B:

    Rrha i ga ogbl nyasri
    gyusya karf mea en
    karf kl LITOSPHERA
    werlla rriullia… na!

    I coil into my sorrow, but I’m already tired
    I am forced to change,
    and embracing this change, my song is transformed,
    and my teardrops repeat… no!

  • Rrha i gaya raklya
    Rrha lau gaya agldeio

    I am tired of weeping…
    and I fear the oblivion of burying myself…

  • part A:

    keenre kl yuex mea ween eetor colga
    aulla orn cest en longherna mea
    den whai firle here… sorr kailya

    The mirror wherein my eyes are projected
    Reveals to me the truth: I too am to turn to stone
    Yet why is it that I still feel it right here…
    A feeling of… compassion?

  • part B:

    Rrha guwo gaya 0x vvi
    riomo vigiga walaen
    dilete xe re enegd
    yulun syec
    1x AAs ixi

    Life is frozen,
    as flesh is cursed.
    All breathing subsides,
    as feelings break.

  • => WASx NNx GRANx ZWEIx Ex MEx GAx RAx GISx
    SOx DIx LEx Ux BIx TEx TIx GUARD Ox

    At the end of a path of loathing, I have seen the embracing light of love
    And transcending the weakness of my humanity, I make of my power not a curse,
    but a blessing to protect those I cherish

  • part A:

    Ma yea erra qwitte laa viss rre amyure chs werlla
    Rrha wol gagis hyear zarle tienar
    Ma zweie erra toe van re ousye so art nnoini sheak fhauri
    Was num ra wis nun valwa raklya, agldeio

    If I were to open my eyes and look around me, I’d see all blame falling like raindrops,
    melting away.
    If that is the way things are, then let it fall over me,
    because even if the light that shines over me is too bright, I will stand and face the dawn.
    I am the one who purifies,
    and these tears are my shelter,
    my catalyst of purity.

  • part B:

    Was yant gaya qwitte laa race longherna
    Wee jyel ga faf rriulia deggeez
    Nn lau ga sonwe van re ousye so art viuy fhai weak fhauri
    Was num ra wis nun degle; agldeio

    Bound and strangled, I didn’t want to turn to stone,
    but I feared being left alone,
    I feared betrayal.
    But even if I’m to be touched by sadness, even if my heart is to be frozen by moonlight,
    I will keep on singing, so as to welcome the dawn
    I am the one who corrodes,
    and with me I will bring forth the eternal calm,
    even while I’m buried.

  • part C:

    synk clalliss CORROSION
    flip an clalliss CATHARSIS

    Overlap MOOD Corrosion with MOOD Catharsis

  • Rrha quel gaya raklya werlla jepgle mea
    Rrha num gaya agldeio takii mea
    Rrha i gaya raklya sos deu engua gfine
    Rrha lau gaya agldeio noese hynne
    Rrha touwaka ra raklya sos pilt ptrapica
    Rrha wol gagis agldeio kl firga
    Rrha granme ra raklya den naa kieta
    Rrha yea erra agldeio deu qoga

    I have cried and wept many a foolish tear
    I have buried and turned my own affection to stone
    Tired of crying and weeping for unavoidable mistakes,
    I was scared of burying and silencing my own voice
    I want to cry not in grief, but in joy, for the serendipity of life
    And to do so, I must bury the past, without ever looking back
    Yes, I may cry and weep, but I shan’t falter
    For what I gladly bury today is my own premature demise

  • Rrha ki ra pilt burle
    Answa zarle, how yasra…

    Once I realize the vibrancy of the velvet blue sky
    The inverted downpour becomes a tad gentler

  • part A:

    aullare yeux mea, na jefea hymme
    jesta acra fhauri coree mea
    juelicc ture… tatakaria

    My eyes were opened: no longer will my songs grieve
    For I will keep on searching for the light that exists here in my heart
    The light that sustains… my bonds with the people I love

  • part B:

    Rrha num gagis 0x vvi
    vurumely papana answa
    re nepo lognhel nell
    zarle faiy colmask
    1x AAs ixi

    Facing the rain,
    these petrified wishes awaken,
    sweeping away all trickery.

  • part C:

    Rrha num gagis clalliss
    vurumely papana
    zarle, li cupla sarrify

    I will dye myself
    with the colours of the rain
    and offer to the heavens
    these thawing sins.

  • part A:

    My song rides upon the inverted rain
    Turning all suffering to stone
    Now, may all corroded hearts
    be purified.

  • part B:

    Rrha granme erra 0x vvi
    fowrlle ture sial en sial
    urnaa shen, urnaa vonn
    parge pakz
    syana ini
    1x AAs ixi

    May all bounds be healed,
    may light and darkness sing in unison,
    and may love be purified.

  • part C:

    na agldeio mea

    I won’t bury myself anymore!

  • part D:

    Rrha granme ra hymme
    sial vie glasden vie hynne
    van urnaa loss ween pakz

    Bearing conviction in my heart,
    I will make it sing,
    even if I’m to lose myself amidst the chaos of this world.

  • na agldeio
    na raklya

    I won’t bury myself anymore!
    I won’t cry anymore!

  • Was granme ra EXEC hymme 2×1/0>>011001010


  • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
  • Composition: KT
  • Vocals: 昨夜