COSMOCRYSTAL II ~ clalliss re leat, maya re pat –

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For people outside of Japan, COSMOCRYSTAL II – EIHOU-BOUSYOKU is available for order at Isukado for 1100Yen, shipping after January 4, 2019 until supplies last.

If you wish to purchase COSMOCRYSTAL II – EIHOU-BOUSYOKU, consider purchasing it in a complete collection -hymmnos ensemble- through Isukado or digitally via Bandcamp.



    • 01 Ocurp Omnis
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: Troisnyx
      • Vocals: Troisnyx, Lili, ケンタ, Alroetsue
      • Whistle: KT
      • Character, Lyrics, Vocals: Geiky
      • Composition: Troisnyx
      • Mix: Clea
      • Guitar: Tiago Rodrigues
    • 03 FLOW_NYTTERMAUS_extends.VARS::ENTHELECHEIA/.#Quivora_extracting
      • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: yuzuki
      • Vocals: Alroetsue
    • 04 cocytopia=paladinus.EXFLOW_cls.IMPERIAL::ALGID=VOLIERE/.
      • Character: Alroetsue
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: Fredrik Häthén, 涼風ひさめ
      • Arrangement: 涼風ひさめ
      • Vocals: Tohcalenia
      • Mix: Clea
      • Character: Accha
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: Lystrialle
      • Arrangement: Lystrialle, Troisnyx
      • Vocals: Nate
      • Violin: Jessie Yun
    • 06 diphaneitas.EXFLOW_cls.EROSION::PARASELENITE/.
      • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: Tiago Rodrigues
      • Vocals: Troisnyx
      • Flute: chillarmylove
    • 07 FLOW_proxy.ECHO=NEXUS/.
      • Character, Lyrics, Vocals: KT
      • Mix: Tiago Rodrigues
  • 08 xiphomachia=aperanti.EXFLOW_cls.STORGE::GRANSHELL=VIEGASPHERE/.
    • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
    • Composition, Vocals: KT
    • Mix, Guitar: Tiago Rodrigues

Extra Credits

  • Master: Clea
  • Cover artwork: asa+kari, Stellatiria, Alroetsue
  • Character artwork: Aria, asa+kari
  • Design, extra art: KT, mafuyu
  • Translation: Geiky, Lystrialle, Tohcalenia
  • Printing and sales: ell
  • Setting: Geiky, inspired by the Ar tonelico series




Full name: Rhapzodius Feetres

"The pains of yesterday are the solace of tomorrow."

Song Function:

Surrounds and protects an ally in a capsule of wind, inducing them to a short sleep that completely heals their wounds and ailments.



Full name: Quivora Albertine

"For dad...and for everyone...I must do my best."

Song Function:

A hymn that operates the Nyttermaus System. Converses with and performs maintenance on the Will of Mt. Vars, a volcano that is one of the power sources of Pantha Rhei.



Full name: Liora Rosenfeld

"Never forget those you've killed, because you can be certain that they will never forget you."

Song Function:

Increases the singer’s strength dramatically, summons a flurry of sparrows made of ice and light that rains down upon the Cosmocrystal field and freeze whatever they touch, or transform into weaponry upon command.



Full name: Quinton Elsett

"Knowledge is power."

Song Function:

Transforms the Cosmocrystal field into a labyrinth full of traps and storms of golden sand that buries enemies alive.



Full name: Ayna Vindemiatrix

"Once you acknowledge your own light, you will shine, flawlessly."

Song Function:

Creates a sandstorm of quartz particles that clings to all enemies and turns their insides into glass.



Full name: Syndeo Metalogosi

"Look, we're all out of actually good ideas, so, uh, let's make this one count, yeah?"

Song Function:

Reconnects Pantha Rhei’s Nyttermaus system with the server’s energy source through communion with the wills of the planet.



Full name: Valerie Metalogosi

"For whose sake do you brandish your weapons? Those who have no answer are the true villains."

Song Function:

Summons a myriad of swords that surround one ally, protecting them and cutting down foes that approach them.