COSMOCRYSTAL II ~  clalliss re leat, maya re pat – 

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For people outside of Japan, COSMOCRYSTAL II – SOUKYOU-RANSYOKU is available for order at Isukado for 1100Yen, shipping after May 2, 2017 until supplies last.

If you wish to purchase COSMOCRYSTAL II – SOUKYOU-RANSYOKU, consider purchasing it in a complete collection -hymmnos ensemble- through Isukado or digitally via Bandcamp.



    • 01 Legend of Pantha Rhei -ZI-
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition, Vocals: KT
      • Mix: Clea
    • 02 solfaura.EXFLOW_cls.PROTECTION::LYRNYA=ERPHY/.
      • Character, Vocals: Aria
      • Lyrics: Aria & Geiky
      • Composition: Aria & Lystrialle
      • Mix: Clea
    • 03 malifisire=apocyn.EXFLOW_cls.DISTRUZIONE::DIVINA=COMMEDIA/
      • Character: Alroetsue
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: Tiago Rodrigues
      • Vocals: ケンタ
      • Character: asa+kari
      • Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: yuzuki
      • Vocals: Lili
    • 05 litosphera.EXFLOW_cls.C:C::BALLADIA=PETRICHORIS/.
      • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: KT
      • Vocals: 昨夜
      • Character, Lyrics: Geiky
      • Composition: yuzuki
      • Vocals: Alroetsue
  • 07 FLOW_COMMUNUS/.-bars, bawaf HYMMNOS-
    • Lyrics: Geiky, KT
    • Composition: Lystrialle
    • Vocals: Alroetsue, Geiky
    • Mix: Clea

Extra Credits

  • Master: Clea
  • Cover artwork: asa+kari
  • Character artwork: Aria, asa+kari
  • Design, extra art: KT
  • Translation: Geiky, Tohcalenia
  • Printing and sales: ell
  • Setting: Geiky, inspired by the Ar tonelico series




Full name: Aria Salfin

"No matter what, I want there to be a happy ending!"

Song Function:

Envelopes allies in a golden aura that shields them from harm and keeps enemies away.



Full name: Asher Rosenfeld

""Even when times are tough, don’t give up, for every cloud has a silver lining."

Song Function:

Increases the singer’s speed dramatically, allows him to draw the power of a myriad of firearms and summons a flurry of sparrows made of darkness and fire to rain down upon the field.



Full name: Shia Plines

"Don't let difficulties sway you. If you look beyond the forest, there's a way out."

Song Function:

Executes a ritual to befuddle, paralyse and eventually explode enemies from inside out.



Full name: Willheim Zak Wargporl Hagetsu

"If you have the heart of a laughing lion, you can roar far and wide, even when you're joking!"

Song Function:

A double function song. Summons rain upon the Cosmocrystal field that erodes enemies’ senses and morale and motivates allies, granting them power and stamina.



Full name: Quivora Albertine

"Patience is a virtue."

Song Function:

Creates a blistering pool of rising thunder bubbles that electrocutes enemies.